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Virtual Career Fair – Date: February 5, 2014 (Employer List Here)

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Students/Alumni are invited to attend the Virtual Career Fair, a unique virtual event that helps job seekers meet employers in a time efficient, virtual way.

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Why Participate?
  • Get interviews without ever leaving your computer
  • Avoid waiting in long lines
  • Save your valuable time by searching for a job online
  • Meet employers searching for candidates with advanced degrees
  • Register and upload your resume to automatically be entered into the gift card drawing
What students-alumni are saying who participated in other CareerEco Virtual Career Fairs. Go to the Chat Sessions!!
“My honest opinion coming into the virtual career fair was “is this really worth it? How are they going to know anything about me through a chat room?” But I was impressed with what I did see. Honestly, I can say to anyone who is questioning whether or not to do it, GO FOR IT! I really only talked to 3 companies. Out of those, I ended up getting 2 on site interviews, both of which ended up with very nice offers which I had to decide between.”

“The virtual career fair went great. I got one interview already and I am expecting more. I think that this was a great idea and I hope that our school does it again next year.”

“I just want to say thank you for help putting on this event. I think this event has been a success for me. The chat provided more of a one on one environment for me to sell myself to the company over a normal job fair. I personally would love to see more of these events for future students and alumni!”

“This straightforward approach allows me to find out exactly what type of talent these companies are looking for without having to fill out countless online profiles.”

“How great of an idea this is for employers in addition to potential job seekers. It provides one more point of contact for potential candidates with the companies that they are interested in”

“I knew the time slot, I get on the computer, and make that connection right away with the recruiter”

“This virtual career fair can be the thing that changed my life. I can’t even describe how excited I am, and how much I appreciate your efforts.”